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I’m @NorbertHires. I am tackling my own challenges while documenting the process here. Mainly I cover marketing, SEO & productivity on this blog. I am also an avid reader and this is the place where I share my thoughts on books.

I am working as SEO Manager for Global Growth at Adevinta. We help some of the biggest marketplaces in Europe to win the organic search battle.

I am a 🇭🇺 Hungarian living in Barcelona.

In my free time, I love tinkering with tools of thoughts (using Obsidian & Notion), I never skip leg days and  I am unable to get out of Bronze in League of Legends since 2014.

You can reach me on Twitter and LinkedIn.

Thanks for stopping by!

Recently published writings

How important are core web vitals?
The Core Web Vitals metrics became a ranking factor for mobile and desktop searches recently. Beforehand Google gave us tools to measure these elements, charts to analyse, but how important are these metrics in reality? How does core web vitals affect SEO?
The Pathless Path: Summary & Notes
The Pathless Path is a book about what happens when you achieve success based on others’ terms and still feel miserable. It’s about our unhealthy relationship with work, money, and accomplishments and how to fix that.
What can you learn from top product leaders? Empowered Review
Empowered is a book about how to build a strong product organization and why does it worth it. The author dedicates his work to product leaders, but the takeaways of this book are valuable for most of us.

Stuff to start with

The ROI of Reading
An essay about whether reading books is always worth it, alternatives of books and my experience with crappy literature.
The surprising effects of starting a blog
I started to experiment with search engine optimization three years ago. Aftercompleting countless courses, reading online marketing books and professionalarticles, I have started to get a sense of what SEO is all about. I soon realized that if I wanted to get results with search engine optimizat…
How to measure SEO success or failure?
Measuring the impact of your SEO work is a necessity regardless of the nature of the project you are working on. I share my thoughts on how to create predictions for SEO, what KPIs are worth tracking and how.
Translated Content SEO: Results after 6 months
An experiment on how translated SEO content can perform in Google Search 6 months after launch.
The Sovereign Individual: Book Review
Read about predictions written 30 years ago and became reality since then (borderless money transfers, the rise of decentralized finance, the knowledge economy). The rest of the book is about the future still awaiting.